Champion Donors

Anonymous Donor

North Carolina Community Foundation

Wounded Warrior Project/PATH, Int.

Air Warrior Courage Foundation

Ruth Baird

Emmanual Parish

Pinehurst Community Foundation

Blue Ribbon Donors

Golf Capital Chorus

Pinehurst  Rotary Charitable Foundation

Anne Eldridge

Robert and Elaine Baillie

Moore County Charitable Foundation

Seth and Lynn Rudnick

Bradshaw Charitable Foundation

Red Ribbon Donors

The Pilot

Life 103.1, WLHC-FM, WLQC-FM

Rochester Area Foundation

Women of the Pines

Whispering Pines Thrift Shop

Joan Moynihan

Bruce Geddes

William and Nancy Schoephoester

Nancy Piscopo

William and Judy Lewis

Brantley and Meredith Clifton

Chase and Victoria Hilbert

Gregory Bradbury

Mike and Kelly MCCrann


Yellow Ribbon Donors

Peggy Raney

Suzanne and Robert Pollard

David and Mary Gwinn

Charles and Louise Eichhorn

Pinehurst Driving  and Training Club

Bryan Rosenberg

Sid and Sandy Newman

Captain Georgia Johnson

Geraldine C. Guggemos

Vass Lions Club Charitable Trust

Ladies Aux. of Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Jerry and Margaretta Lawrence

Anette Piscopo Rogers

Clark and Karen Marshall

James and Kathryn Johnson

Dewitt and Elizabeth Petterson

Timothy and Lisa Blythe

Susan Hopkins

Judith Nappi

Doris Deal

Robert and Caroline Young

Arleene Bearak

Jane Johnson Kent

Richard and Veronica Ogden

Alice Joyner Irby

Edith H. Overly

  1. Stephen and Jane Hurst
  2. Kenneth and Marilee Huntley

Randall and Sandra Phillips

Joan and Alexander Yue

Nicholas and Kalie Hagedorn

Don Grant and Louise Gray

Roger and Linda Gibbons

Fry and Prickett Funeral Home

Jack and Patricia Finnerty

Christine Pritchard

Susan Maguire

Elizabeth Rainoff

Ernest and Anne Bessette

David and Linda Cook

Willard Cobb

Classic Gifts and Awards, LLC

Carl and Cassandra Chandler

Steven and Sarah Cessna

Ronald and Wrenn Reynolds

Farrell and Pamela Bushing

Susan Buckley

Patrick Bridges & Carol Piscopo

Leonard and Jacklyn Romanker

Anthea Tate

Edward Taws Jr.

The Walter Hines Page Book Club

Dr and Mrs. David Thompson

John and Susan Poulton

Kathy Virtue

Donald and Judith Auch

Michael and Kelly McCrann

Buck and Lynn McGugan

John and Claudette Wells

John and Irene Baumgartner

Judith and Douglas Middaugh

Suzanne Faker

White Ribbon Donors

Stephen and Susan Auster

John Shimer

Edith McWilliams

Mary Wright & Peter Premkumar

Madeline Barry

Kevin and Susan Price

Wesley and Claudia C. Cole

Christine Stahlecker

Lee and Betty Stewart

Malcolm and Kathryn Wright

Thomas and Rachel Carr

John and Rosalee Ackerman

Michael and Susan LaGraff

Gregory and Elizabeth Kopchinsky

Kriestin Kleinschmidt

Barbara Keiffer

Carole Huston

Margaret Owen

Thomas and Betty Hurst

Howard and Virginia Beers

Jay and Michelle Huntley

Gail Huggins

Ron and Sarah Sutton

Gary Greenfield

William and Mary Strasser

Bernadine Fowler

Marjorie Fine

Frederic and Jean Williams

Victor and Teresita Uy

Elaine’s Hairdressers

Keith and Carol Dunbar

Beth Griffin Dowd

Darlind Davis

Kathleen Currall

Edward and Catherine Renner

Patricia Ritchie

Betsy North Robinson

John and Joanna Brown

William and Ellen Brock

John and Patricia Brewster

Geoffrey and Barbara Brazer

The MGN Company

Peggy Sarvis

Barbara Saul

Donald and Barbara Schindler

Richard and Anne Thompson

Charles and Lynne Betts

Gary and Christine Sheffield

David and Avis Truesdell

Abby Shultis

Anne Long

Robert and Susan Lynne Weaver


Other Donors

DRs  Judith and Peter Wish

John and Karyn Greco

John and Terri Field

April Wreath

Diane Wicker

William and Malinda Summey

Thomas and Donna Skidmore

Mary Shaffer

Marjorie Randolph

Susan Peacock

Nelson Neil

Lynn and Janice Mellus

Patricia Lloyd

Mildred Lewis

Barbara Konrad

Noel and Sandra Johannsen

Eugene Horvath

  1. Frances Drake

Davis and Mary Anisansel

Janet Baron

Judi and Monte Avist

Charles Ziegler

Brenda and Tonie Burr Bowers

COL Richard and Mary Ann McCrary

Rowena Mason

Brian and Leslie Yarbrough

Bonnie Radevski

Kelly and W. Ray Locklear

Richard and Valerie Hilbert