Like to Donate? Here’s how you can help!


Prancing Horse provides an opportunity for those with special needs…

…to find within themselves the confidence and willingness to grow
…to bond with a majestic animal in a willing partnership
…to experience the joy and personal satisfaction of freedom found


Those of you in our community who are willing to donate financially to support Prancing Horse are a valued asset. It is only through your contributions that we can build and maintain our programs.

There are a number of ways for you to donate to Prancing Horse and contribute to our short and long term needs.



  • One time cash donation. This method allows for the continuation of program and services currently provided by Prancing Horse.¬† Please click on the Donate button below or use our Donation Form to make your contribution.
  • Growing our endowment. This method will help to insure the long-term viability of Prancing Horse so we can continue to provide existing programs as well as the development of new services. Please review our endowment document and see our Benefactors page. You may contact us at¬† or call our office at (910) 281-3223 to discuss your options.
  • Professional ‘in-kind’ services. Many of you are professionals in areas of expertise that are beneficial to the operation of Prancing Horse. We welcome the contribution of Accountants, Bookkeepers and Lawyers. If you are willing to contribute your time applying your professional services to assist Prancing Horse then your hours are tax deductible within the limits of current laws. Call our office at (910) 281-3223 to discuss your options.


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$2,000 and above
(Support a horse for a year)

$1,000 and above
(Allows a public school class to ride for a year)

(provide a scholarship for a rider for a semester)

Please specify information regarding dedication on PayPal form