Why Therapeutic Riding?


Therapeutic riding is a recognized form of treatment for many types of physical and cognitive disabilities. This type of treatment presents to our clients a new world, built around an equestrian environment. This new environment has within it a full range of activities to engage:

      • Mind
      • Body Awareness
      • Sensory Experience

Participants in our programs are presented with opportunities that require:

    • Attention
    • Awareness
    • Discipline
    • Balance
    • Flexibility
    • Personal Control and Confidence


The ‘magic of horses’ has many dimensions to it that have proven to be beneficial to  individuals with special needs. The bond that develops between a horse and rider in therapeutic riding is the same that applies in the equestrian world at large. It is based on a mutual respect for each other, an appreciation of each other’s capabilities and a trust that lets them work together.



Horses used in our programs have been chosen for their calm temperament and forgiving nature. Horses by their very nature seem to have an affinity for children and those persons who treat them kindly. One of the benefits of therapeutic riding is the possibility of a person with special needs building a bond with a significantly larger animal. The building of this bond allows the client to have within its reach, not only a willing partner, but one who also expands their scope of activity in the world.

Prancing Horse accepts all persons with special needs including:

    • Autism
    • Brain Injuries
    • Cardiovascular/ Accident / Stroke
    • Cerebral Palsy
    • Down Syndrome
    • Emotional Disabilities
    • Learning Disabilities
    • Physical Injuries
    • Speech Impairments
    • Spina Bifida