Rider Forms

Before participating in therapeutic riding activities, individuals need to consult their physicians. Each prospective rider is required to present a complete medical history and a physician’s statement signed by his or her physician prior to a therapeutic riding session. The required forms are below.
If you have any questions or need assistance in filling out any of the forms, please contact us at (910) 246-3202.

pdf_icon_transparentPrivacy-Policy-2012-1114 (1)

pdf_icon_transparentH-4,5 Participant’s Application and Health History 2015

pdf_icon_transparentH-6 Participant’s Consent for Release of Information 2015

pdf_icon_transparentH-7 Initial Letter to Participant’s Physician 2015

pdf_icon_transparentH-8 Follow-up Letter to Physician 2015

     H-9 Participant’s Medical History and Physician’s Statement 2015


pdf_icon_transparentForm MC Liability Release

pdf_icon_transparentForm 7Lakes Liability Release